Tuesdays With Dorie – Tarte Fine

This was pretty okay. I wish this had included a recipe for a homemade puff pastry. This needed probably double the sugar on top. My apples were not particularly flavorful. I hate my life. ACK!

Anyway, here’s your stupid tart already.


Here is my second run on Pink Velvet Cupcakes, since you asked.

Much pinker than the first time, and tasted pretty good.

7 Responses to “Tuesdays With Dorie – Tarte Fine”

  1. i sprinkled cinnamon on mine. i’m sure i’d be stoned in public in France for doing that but the apples did need a little punch of flavor!

    and the pink velvet cuppies look SO cute!

  2. You’re so hard on yourself…this looks great! I did add extra sugar, and butter, the second time and it was much better. I also found Golden Delicious apples were too tart for this. Thanks for baking with me…I wish it worked better for you!

  3. Nothing wrong with extra butter, sugar and cream. The pink cupcakes look tasty!

  4. your tart looks good, but those cupcakes rock! i want those for my birthday!

  5. Ha Ha your so funny! Man that’s what sugar is for…dump it on top and call it a day!

  6. I was a little heavy handed with the sugar on top of my tarte fine, and I’d do it again. Your tarte – and the pink cupcakes – look excellent.

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