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Adventures in Cultural Misappropriation: Montenegro

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Sautéed collard greens


Every time we do one of these days, we pick a country using a random generator, and then we take the time to learn a little something about the country and it’s cuisine. One of my biggest surprises this time around was that a country called Montenegro exists!

Another fun fact: by at least one metric, Montenegro is the second most racist country in the world!

ur doing great sweetie

Many other metrics didn’t bother to include Montenegro in their reporting, so congrats Montenegro – you’re small and you may suck?

It turns out their cuisine is not too different from its surrounding areas, including a country we’ve already done. So we didn’t make those previous recipes, and we cannibalized the options for the other countries in this region.

This is Kacamak! It’s a polenta style grits n feta slop pile! And also a real palindrome!

Ya burl up some taters real nice, mash em up, throw in a handful of cornmeal, add oil and feta, and baby that’s it. They haven’t invented spices in the mountains yet.

Serve with a side of sautéed collard greens, which were fine. Never had them before. It was pretty much a more pleasant sautéed kale.

now! thats what i call ok

The flavors are pretty bland on the kacamak, and this is coming from a guy who is chowing a sleeve of saltines while he writes this.

This pairs really well with a chilled sparkling wine, like a 2019 Diet Mt. Dew.

The real winner was priganice, something borat says. It’s yeast donuts with a bit of apple inside, rolled in sugar.

im pleased to announce that donuts are good

All in all, as a country Montenegro doesn’t hold a candle to Flavor Country, but for a small nation of allegedly racist mountain people, its food is good enough. I give the country of Montenegro a 5/10.