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Sometimes I forget what I like.

Posted in meme with tags , , , on April 14, 2008 by hoagiefest 2020

I spend so much time thinking about the things I dislike that I rarely reflect on the things I enjoy. I stole this from Joli, who is currently enjoying her final days in Rome (or, possibly agonizing over her finals in Rome).

14 april 08 likes:
Losing myself in my iPod for hours on end
Balancing my checkbook without any headaches
Creating something delicious out of basic ingredients
Spending the evening in a pirate hat for no particular reason
Eating dinner with my family
Music performed by symphony orchestra
Driving aimlessly with my girlfriend
Unabashedly silly adults
Watching the “Unplayed” playlist in iTunes slowly dwindle

14 april 08 dislikes:
Idle time at work
One-trick ponies
Eating dinner with my family in front of the television
People who shirk obligations and plans
Touchpads on laptop computers
Loss of free time
My inability to reconcile my obsessions with a real social life