Vegan cupcakes, kind of ok

My spouse is still vegan, and January/February is birthday month. To avoid the discomfort of her staring at us while we eat real cake – or the inconvenience to our hosts of requesting something weird – I baked her freezer cupcakes. Nothing fancy – just vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting. All vegan, all from this link (except I substituted some cocoa into the icing, and added about 1/4 tsp of salt to it as well).

The cake tasted pretty much like any other cake – if pressed, I’d say it’s probably not as fluffy (probably due to the lack of eggs) but no distinguishable flavor difference. The icing is basically my standard buttercream recipe but with all shortening instead of half-butter, and that suffers a bit more (but hey, some cows’ boobies didn’t suffer, so I guess something had to). It leaves a film in the mouth and seems a bit…ehhhh.

I was wondering as I tasted the cake, how did we decide on the recipe for cake? The vegan substitute tastes pretty on-point. Over time, who decided that we should use the rocks that come out of chickens’ buttholes to enrich our baked goods, and a little of this chemical powder, and a little of this other chemical powder, and we’ll grind up these plants and put that powder in. It seems like a long journey just to result in diabetes for everyone. Delicious and disappointing.

No pictures, as I didn’t take my time decorating them. These are utility cupcakes, not display cupcakes. You know what brown stuff on top of white stuff looks like.


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