Slacking and cake

I know I’ve been slacking. I’m a total tool. Since July of 2008 I didn’t miss any weeks – not even while I was on my honeymoon. And then I fell out of the habit, and now I’m about three weeks out from my last post. Listen – I’m still baking. I’m taking cake decorating classes. I’m spending some time being a human person. I don’t know why I’m explaining. I’m only accountable to me, and I’m plenty disappointed in myself for abandoning something I enjoy so much for so long.

Here is the first cake I made for coworkers after I started taking the level-one Wilton cake decorating class. It was only after the first session – so I didn’t know much, just a few piping techniques. Most of the stuff I learned was pretty worthless in this case, because decorating with peanut butter icing is a painintheballs. It doesn’t stiffen like buttercream. So it’s uneven and can’t be smoothed. If I remember correctly, the cake was Dorie Greenspan’s devil’s food cake. The frosting was this all-butter peanut butter frosting. I resolved for my next peanut butter frosting to have some shortening in it, in hopes that it would be easier to decorate with. You’ll see the results in a couple weeks.


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