Random Pizza, Baby! Not topped with babies

I love pizza. I have a Tumblr devoted to pizza. Pizza is one of life’s perfect things – one of the few things that, even if they are “bad,” they’re pretty damn good. It’s like Batman movies or episodes of “Breaking Bad.”

I almost always make pizza with basic ingredients – dough, red sauce, cheese. But variety is the spice of pizza, so I pizzed a different kind of pizza.

Dough is fairly simple – I use my own recipe, which is pretty much the same as any dough. 1 cup water, 400g bread flour, ~3 Tbsp dry active yeast, ~1 tsp salt. Knead it, adjust water and flour for consistency if needed. Let it rise. MAKE IT RAIN.

This time, I made pesto. Using the first Google search result for “pesto recipe,” because the first Google result is always the best.


Whole milk mozzarella. Nothing too interesting about that.

This sausage is a recipe from Slice, and it’s super simple – pork, red pepper flakes, salt, and fennel seed. Perfection.


And the finished project. Eat a pizza. It’s pretty good.


For those of you waiting for my weekly blog to go back to baking, be patient – next week will be a baked good, friends! I don’t know why you’re waiting for things on my blog anyway – it’s boring stuff.

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