Shut up.

I rode a 150-mile bike ride over the weekend for the national MS Society and now I’m not particularly up to baking. So here I am, phoning it in.

Here is me being a goof for my wife prior to my bike ride.


I wish I had a picture of me in the shorts that make it look like I actually have an ass. You’d never believe it.

There were rest stops every 10-12 miles (which, I believe, is exactly the same as the Tour de France). Those stops always had fresh cool beverage and tables full of food – always fresh fruit, but frequently granola bars, sandwiches, candy, baked goods, etc. Some of them had meat skewers. If you weren’t gorged by the time you got to the finish line, there was also a barbecue and a bunch of other free food. Here’s an example of the food from one of the pit stops.


It’s not exactly the Tour de France (they have cheese plates and fresh bread at all of their rest stops) but not too shabby.

Anyway, vaguely food-related, right? Anyway, go away. I’m tired.


One Response to “I DIDN’T BAKE THIS WEEK”

  1. I hope you were careful with your butt considering all the circumstances of your ride. I hope it was well guarded…

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