Skittles Cupcakes – TASTE THE RAINBOWS

Hello and greetings.

Within the past week I was gifted two food items (well, more than two, but only two that are relevant to this recipe). A coworker gave me a giant bag of Skittles. My parents gave me a dozen fresh eggs, which came from some lady who has chickens. I decided to pay it forward like famous marijuana smoker Haley Joel Osment, so I made some Skittles cupcakes.

I’d never baked with fresh eggs. The cupcakes came out tasty and moist, but I didn’t make a control batch with old-ass pasteurized eggs, so I don’t know if the eggs made a particular difference. Something I did notice was that the yolks were much more vibrant -bright yellow and orange – and the shells were brown and green and stuff. So who knows if the eggs were better, but the green-ass eggs fit the rainbow theme.


The recipe I used was Skittles Cupcakes with citrus buttercream, stolen from Emma Clare Eats. The cupakes were great (although I feel like I should have smashed up the Skittles a little better – the candy sank to the bottom of my sample cake). The frosting – well, I’m not sure about this. The recipe called for a stick of butter, 3 cups of sugar, and a half-cup of milk. It was runnnnnnnny. I added almost a cup of sugar extra to the recipe to thicken it a bit – not ideal since the frosting was already so sweet – and it was still runny. I’d probably reduce the recipe to 1/4 cup of milk, and that would probably resolve the issue. As it is, I could barely keep the Skittles garnish on the icing long enough to photograph it.


Anyway, YUM.


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