Banana cupcakes with caramel buttercream AND devil’s food cupcakes with ganache glaze

I made these cupcakes for my wife’s birthday.  These are not the prettiest two examples, but they ARE examples.


These are both Martha Stewart recipes.  I told Rachel she had her pick, so she picked these.  I don’t know.  Didn’t Martha Stewart go to prison once?  Did she kill a guy?  I don’t know.

The banana cupcakes were simple enough, and the caramel buttercream was equally easy.  It was much lighter and fluffier than the buttercream I usually use.  I prefer stiff, super-sugary buttercream, but this was okay,

The chocolate cupcakes were similarly easy.  The ganache was supposed to be a bit stiffer, but something went wrong and it never decided to hold up.  Whatever, I just glazed the bastards and set them loose.

All in all, a good show from child murderer Martha Stewart.  Thanks.


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