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Raspberry Cream Sandwich Cookies

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My wife was very specific with me: everybody on earth must be completely aware that she made these cookies. She wants the world to know that there is no such thing as a ghostwriter for cookies, and that nobody else could have had any part in making these cookies for a Farewell party at work for one of her friends.


So let’s say that she picked this recipe from convicted felon Martha Stewart’s scandalous website, and then she did a wonderful job of mixing the dough for the cookies herself. And then she “absolutely did not get bored and go watch TV;” instead, “she” “baked” the cookies in the oven “all by her lonesome.” And then “she” “made the raspberry cream” and “sandwiched the cookies together.”

Crystal clear. The cookies were very good, and we had a substantial amount of raspberry cream left, ideal for the dipping of random things. My wife did a wonderful job of mixing, “baking,” and “filling” these cookies; I have taught her well.

Skittles Cupcakes – TASTE THE RAINBOWS

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Hello and greetings.

Within the past week I was gifted two food items (well, more than two, but only two that are relevant to this recipe). A coworker gave me a giant bag of Skittles. My parents gave me a dozen fresh eggs, which came from some lady who has chickens. I decided to pay it forward like famous marijuana smoker Haley Joel Osment, so I made some Skittles cupcakes.

I’d never baked with fresh eggs. The cupcakes came out tasty and moist, but I didn’t make a control batch with old-ass pasteurized eggs, so I don’t know if the eggs made a particular difference. Something I did notice was that the yolks were much more vibrant -bright yellow and orange – and the shells were brown and green and stuff. So who knows if the eggs were better, but the green-ass eggs fit the rainbow theme.


The recipe I used was Skittles Cupcakes with citrus buttercream, stolen from Emma Clare Eats. The cupakes were great (although I feel like I should have smashed up the Skittles a little better – the candy sank to the bottom of my sample cake). The frosting – well, I’m not sure about this. The recipe called for a stick of butter, 3 cups of sugar, and a half-cup of milk. It was runnnnnnnny. I added almost a cup of sugar extra to the recipe to thicken it a bit – not ideal since the frosting was already so sweet – and it was still runny. I’d probably reduce the recipe to 1/4 cup of milk, and that would probably resolve the issue. As it is, I could barely keep the Skittles garnish on the icing long enough to photograph it.


Anyway, YUM.

Banana cupcakes with caramel buttercream AND devil’s food cupcakes with ganache glaze

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I made these cupcakes for my wife’s birthday.  These are not the prettiest two examples, but they ARE examples.


These are both Martha Stewart recipes.  I told Rachel she had her pick, so she picked these.  I don’t know.  Didn’t Martha Stewart go to prison once?  Did she kill a guy?  I don’t know.

The banana cupcakes were simple enough, and the caramel buttercream was equally easy.  It was much lighter and fluffier than the buttercream I usually use.  I prefer stiff, super-sugary buttercream, but this was okay,

The chocolate cupcakes were similarly easy.  The ganache was supposed to be a bit stiffer, but something went wrong and it never decided to hold up.  Whatever, I just glazed the bastards and set them loose.

All in all, a good show from child murderer Martha Stewart.  Thanks.

Florida Pie AGAIN

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I made this pie once before. The only difference this time was that I followed the recipe (last time I forgot to put the extra coconut into the meringue). This was for a friend’s birthday at work. She had seen a picture of the pie on Facebook and requested it especially. Still easy. Still pie. Still good!