S’mores Cookies For Summer Campin’


These are s’mores cookies, from a Martha Stewart recipe (selected by my spouse). We’re headed off to camp with my family, and it was decided that this would be a good treat. How the chocolate will hold up in the 90-100+ degree heat of the week is an excellent question. Here, in my air conditioned home, these cookies taste great. The base cookie is the perfect mix between graham cracker and chocolate chip cookie, and the scorched marshmallows make the things look pretty nice. I used the broiler, as Perfect Domestic Goddess Inmate Robot Martha Stewart recommended, although I bet a blowtorch would help even things out a bit, as I had a few that barely browned and a few that charred.

As far as asthetics go, I had a bit of a problem. I cheaped out and used chocolate chips rather than a “square of chocolate” as indicated by the Marthatron 2000. I now see why she indicated a square was useful. When the cookies spread, the chocolate spreads out too – and you realize that there is far less chocolate on there than originally expected. Oh well, they taste good, and while I’m not the biggest chocolate advocate, I think there is enough here.


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