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Peppernuts aka Pfeffernüsse

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This is a recipe for a cookie I’ve always called “peppernuts,” but apparently is called “Pfeffernüsse” in some nonsense language. They are traditionally Christmas cookies in my family (I’ve never formally blogged about my mother’s Christmas cookie spread, but it’s something to behold). However, I have a family member visiting town and they requested peppernuts, so here they are.


They’re very good. The secret ingredient is something called rosewater, which is – obviously – floral water. I’ve never seen this in stores. Any time I want to make these cookies, I have to borrow my mom’s shady-looking 1990s pharmacy bottle of rosewater. Don’t skip it – it makes all the difference.

When I went online to look for a recipe to link to, I found that there are a thousand different kinds of Pfeffernüsse, and fifty different shades of grey. Since I couldn’t find it with Google, here is the recipe my family uses. The recipe, as printed, just lists ingredients and a very brief description: ”
Sprinkle with sugar and put a raisin on top. Bake at 350 for 10 minutes.” I made these in the same way I make most cookies. Mix dry ingredients and put aside. Mix softened butter and sugar. Add eggs. Switch mixer to low and add dry ingredients and liquid ingredients (alternating) only until the last of the dry ingredients disappear. However, do it how you want. I’m not the cookie pope.


2 C. sugar
5 C. flour
1 C. sour milk (put 1 T. vinegar in a cup measure and then fill with milk)
1 t. baking soda
3 eggs
2 t. baking powder
½ lb. butter or margarine
¼ t. salt
1 T. rosewater

Sprinkle with sugar and put a raisin on top. Bake at 350 for 10 minutes.

And the award for the Ugliest Food goes to…Pizza Fondue

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Embrace it. This is a bowl of meat and cheese and onions for you to dip bread in. It is terrible for you in every way. It is also hideous. But we have a fondue pot, my wife suggested this, and I cheered at the word “pizza.” I don’t know. It’s all right. It doesn’t taste an awful lot like pizza (onions…ground beef…cheddar…). It looks hideous. It’s pizza fondue.

S’mores Cookies For Summer Campin’

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These are s’mores cookies, from a Martha Stewart recipe (selected by my spouse). We’re headed off to camp with my family, and it was decided that this would be a good treat. How the chocolate will hold up in the 90-100+ degree heat of the week is an excellent question. Here, in my air conditioned home, these cookies taste great. The base cookie is the perfect mix between graham cracker and chocolate chip cookie, and the scorched marshmallows make the things look pretty nice. I used the broiler, as Perfect Domestic Goddess Inmate Robot Martha Stewart recommended, although I bet a blowtorch would help even things out a bit, as I had a few that barely browned and a few that charred.

As far as asthetics go, I had a bit of a problem. I cheaped out and used chocolate chips rather than a “square of chocolate” as indicated by the Marthatron 2000. I now see why she indicated a square was useful. When the cookies spread, the chocolate spreads out too – and you realize that there is far less chocolate on there than originally expected. Oh well, they taste good, and while I’m not the biggest chocolate advocate, I think there is enough here.

Thanksgiving Empanadas, Shrimp Tortilla Soup, and yet another Dorie berry tart

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Well, let’s take a look at the things I want to feature this week. I’ve been collecting recipes I’d like to try from various cookbooks I own, magazines that I received (or had been given to me), and sites online. This week’s featured dishes (IT’S TUESDAY):


Shrimp tortilla soup: The recipe is from some Martha Stewart digest that a coworker had lent to me a few years ago, a few days before being laid off. He was a nice guy. I miss him. Here’s the recipe. It’s called “10 Minute Shrimp and Tortilla Soup,” but Martha doesn’t seem to include the part of the prep-work that is the most time-consuming anyway – chopping onions, mincing garlic, chopping peppers, etc. I really liked this. The recipe serves one, so I doubled it for the two of us – but you probably don’t have to, because it made a bunch of soup. My wife did not like it because she hates spicy things. I told her to look at the ingredients more closely when picking a recipe from the stack! I thought it was good. It is fairly quick (due to using chicken broth rather than homemade stock). I’d eat it again.


Thanksgiving empanadas. This was based on a recipe from Bon Appetit. I had started receiving issues of Bon Appetit a few years ago, and I had no idea where they came from. I never subscribe to magazines! I accused a number of people of subscribing me to the mag, and eventually I found out that it was my pal Webber. Hi Webber! Thank you! Here is the recipe. The recipe originally came from the magazine’s Thanksgiving issue as an idea to make a meal out of leftovers. Problem: I didn’t have any Thanksgiving leftovers. So I made a batch of mashed potatoes, rehydrated some Stove Top (blarf), and replaced “chopped leftover turkey” with ground turkey, which we had in abundance at the time. My wife was much more agreeable to this, although not bowled over. I felt a little more positively towards it, although I think the whole thing would have greatly improved with the recommended cranberry sauce, which I couldn’t find at my local grocery store.


And here’s Dorie’s classic berry tart – probably about the fifth time I’ve made this recipe. It’s quick; it travels well; it’s delicious. You make a tart shell, you make some pastry cream, and you buy some berries. You put it all together when it’s time to serve, in like two minutes. Tastes delicious! This one was for a July 4 picnic with my family, and it’ll most likely be the last time I make this one for a while.

The END of Retro Tuesdays With Dorie KABLAMMO Starring Mike – Apple Cheddar Scones and Tarte Tatin

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I’ve already said good bye to Tuesdays With Dorie when the rest of you stopped, but now I finally lay this group to rest in a style I’m very familiar with: very, very lazy, and very, very late. I’ve done a lot of things with this group: I’ve baked at least one recipe for every week, without fail (including vacations and my honeymoon, folks); I made things I can’t even pronounce; I’ve purchased spirits from liquor stores for baked goods and felt like an outlaw even being in those awful places; I worked towards overcoming a somewhat crippling eating disorder; I married a wonderful person; I saw a new Muppet movie (this is unrelated to baking, but that was pretty great, right?). It’s been a tremendous four years since I joined the group in July of 2008. I’ve spent a lot of money on kitchen appliances that will likely gather dust in a closet, and on specialized pans that I’ll only use once. I’ve lost a lot of motivation to write interesting things next to my baking pictures, if you haven’t been able to tell. But I haven’t lost my love for baking, I haven’t lost my admiration for a woman like Dorie who could come up with this amount of delicious wacky stuff, and I surprisingly haven’t lost any teeth either.

And now it’s over, with apple cheddar scones. This is a recipe that I had wanted to choose for my first pick, because it’s probably the weirdest concept in the book. Unfortunately, it had been chosen the week before I started the group, so I had to pick something else. In hindsight, I would have made these ugly little guys with a much, much sharper cheddar cheese, and probably a tarter apple than golden delicious. Neither the cheese nor apple flavors really stood out for me. They didn’t burn though and that’s a big thing for me. So look – apple cheddar scones. Voila!


And then there was the recipe that got away: Tarte Tatin, one of many apple tarts in Dorie’s book. It was part of the first week of “double recipes,” and apparently I never got around to making it. SO HERE WE GO, SNITCHES.


This turned out perfectly, AND it was amazing – a great way to end my tenure with the old school Tuesdays With Dorie.

I also did a bit of a redux on the Devil’s Food White Out cake for a birthday at work. Here’s da snap.


What’s in the future? I’m still going to blog about one recipe a week – however, there may be a little more variety. Maybe it’ll be a baked good. Maybe it’ll be a meal, or an entree, or a side dish. Maybe it’ll be something I made before. Maybe I’ll panic at the last minute on Tuesday night and blog about the chicken macnuggets I’m eating. I also hope, maybe, to do some less formal/regular blogging here – maybe about food, maybe just about me. I have a Twitter and a Tumblr and a Facebook and a MySpace and a Best Buy Reward Zone Card, but in today’s workaday world we should all spend just a little more time talking about ourselves, yes?

Thanks, Dorie, for four years of great recipes, and one excuse to eat hundreds of pounds of butter/sugar/flour.

Here’s a list with links to all of my posts, in the order TWD originally baked them. I love you all. I’ll be back next week and every week, baking something new – something possibly wacky, but definitely ugly.

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