Tuesdays With Wednesdays With Dorie With Mike – Florida Pie

Not sure what a Florida pie is? It takes all the worst things about Florida and combines them into one pie: tanning lotion, alligator, Casey Anthony, and Miami. Just kidding. It takes the best things about Florida, like coconut, key limes, and meringues? And Disney World?

The pie is very easy to make (Dorie even recommends using a store-bought graham cracker crust in her recipe, although I made my own). Bake a pie crust. Fill it with coconut cream. Top it with key lime filling. Top with meringue. Blowtorch the sin out of it.


The meringue is the reason for my Wednesday post – I always take desserts into work the next day, and the recipe says I should only freeze it for three hours after cooking the meringue, so an overnight freeze was out of the question. So I woke up early and meringued it.

Also relevant: I made not one, but two more of the peanut butter tortes from last week (one for each mother’s day celebration I attended) and also Dorie’s basic marbled loaf cake (for a brother who doesn’t like cinnamon, and a sister who is allergic to peanuts.

AND, our first anniversary was on Monday. As such, we got to take the wedding cake topper out of the freezer and demolish it. Here’s a before picture (I don’t have an after picture for you; it’s not pretty). The topper was made by my super artistic sister-in-law, Ashlee.


And here’s a reminder of my cupcakes and Ashlee’s topper, all working together.

It’s been a great year – one of those years that has gone by very fast, but also one that seems much longer – in a good way, like Rachel and I are an old married couple. Here’s to ninety more!

2 Responses to “Tuesdays With Wednesdays With Dorie With Mike – Florida Pie”

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