Tuesdays With Dorie RETRO – Fresh Orange Cream Tart

This Fresh Orange Cream Tart is almost exactly the same as last week’s French Lemon Creme Tart. The only difference is some gelatin in the cream for reasons unknown, a bit of garnish, and a light glaze. Also, it’s a lot more slanted. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!


So I baked pretty much the same recipe two weeks in a row. It would be a bigger problem if this wasn’t one of the best things.

Additionally, I made 50 whoopie pies for a baby shower!


On the “not ugly food” front, my sister in law made this cake for Easter, and it is 1) amazing looking, 2) amazing tasting, and 3) relevant to my interests.


Did it blow your mind? It blew my mind. For reference, the cake was the size of TWO HUMAN HEADS (I measure everything in human heads).


One Response to “Tuesdays With Dorie RETRO – Fresh Orange Cream Tart”

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