Tuesdays With Dorie REINVIGORATION – Brown Sugar Apple Cheesecake

This treat went over very well with the coworkers. “Best cake I’ve ever had” was bandied about by some (although the credit goes all to Dorie and none to ol’ Mike). SO HERE’S THE BAD NEWS – my phone needed to be wiped out, and I lost the only existing picture of this cake. Please believe me, it looked like a brownish cheesecake.

My wife wanted me to make some sugar cookies with fondant for a Get Well bouquet. This is the end result. The other end result is the slow, painful death of my hand mixer when I tried to make fondant. I figure I got my $20 out of that hand mixer, which I’ve used in almost every recipe for the past three years.

I also made Dorie’s tall and creamy cheesecake for Rachel’s mom’s birthday – again, no pictures. I’ve made it several times throughout this blog, though, so just pretend it looks like one of those.


2 Responses to “Tuesdays With Dorie REINVIGORATION – Brown Sugar Apple Cheesecake”

  1. Those cookies are really cute. I thought maybe I had the wrong website. 🙂 Get a kitchen aid/heavy duty mixer.

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