Tuesdays With Dorie RESIDUE – Brown Sugar Pecan Shortbreads

I did a lot of things wrong, you guys. I rolled these too thin. I didn’t put them anywhere near “apart” from one another on the baking sheets. I’m 95% certain that I didn’t refrigerate them for anything close to the minimum 2 hours recommended.

So here they are – shortbreads that melted together into four giant shortbreadish cookies, and then were cut apart. I apologize for everything.


7 Responses to “Tuesdays With Dorie RESIDUE – Brown Sugar Pecan Shortbreads”

  1. And yet, if they were put in front of me now, I’d eat the whole pan. They look delicious!

  2. I did the same but even worse because they burnt a little too !

  3. Mine looked exactly like this the first time I made them. And I did roll them right, and cut them right and spaced them right. And they still came out just like this.

    Were they tasty at least?

  4. Oh yeah, they taste like butter and sugar. So good!

  5. If you hadnt have cut them up you can count it as just 1 serving 😀

  6. I froze mine to keep them from spreading. Too much, anyway.

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