Tuesdays With Dorie RIP – Kids Thumbprints

This is the type of cookie I would never have eaten as a kid. There’s too much nuttiness going on here. If it had just been peanut butter and jelly, I’d have been there.

As an adult, I love these. And true to my promise four years ago, I have not once made food look anything but ugly.

And so ends this chapter of Tuesdays With Dorie. I’d like to thank all of the people who have chosen recipes, and all of the people who have baked along or commented here (despite the fact that I rarely make comments on other pages), and to Laurie who started the group, and to Dorie for teaching me how to make great things out of butter and sugar.

This baking group has meant a lot to me over the past four years. Before I took the initiative to learn to bake, I had been struggling with disordered eating for several years. Tuesdays With Dorie was not only my first venture into making real food, but also a first step towards finding a place for all sorts of food in my life – the healthy and the not-so-healthy. It’s not a stretch to say that Tuesdays With Dorie has improved my quality of life – given me purpose, initiative, and most importantly, a deadline. I’ve made several virtual friendships and found a lot of fun and funny people to follow on Twitter, or on Facebook.

As I’ve indicated previously, I won’t be continuing with Tuesdays With Dorie in its new incarnation (starting in February at the above URL). Instead, I will be baking the first six months of the book we just finished (the group started in January 2008 and I didn’t join until July). After that, I’ll be doing some sort of food on Tuesdays – not necessarily baked goods, but always a recipe that I find interesting. Thanks to everybody who played along with me for the past four years. It’s been neat.


14 Responses to “Tuesdays With Dorie RIP – Kids Thumbprints”

  1. It’s been such fun baking alongside you! I’m thrilled to know that TWD was such a good place for you. Stop in every so often and let us know how you’re doing. You’ll be missed!

  2. It’s been great baking along with you – your posts always make me smile. Good luck with your future baking ventures.

  3. I wish you were joining us in the new baking group, I understand though. It’s been fun visiting your blog..you always make me laugh!
    Your cookies look delicious!

  4. Ciao ! I love the ugly cookies (not that I usually bake beauties..) and will enjoy your future posts . Happy New Year!

  5. I’ve always loved your posts, too funny and real! I’m so glad you baked along and can’t wait to see more (I am going to try to keep catching up, too- so many gems in Dorie’s book!)

  6. It’s been fun baking with you. The group has been a great experience, and it’s fun to read everyone’s final posts and learn what they got out of it.

    I’m impressed that you’re going back to make the recipes that you missed. I’m not nearly that motivated!

  7. It has been fun, hasn’t it. If I ever want ugly food I know where to come!! L
    I am also doing the recipes I missed, about 50 so stop by sometime!!

  8. These look great! I’m not doing all the recipes I’ve missed… I’ve never finish them! Happy baking!

  9. It has been pretty neat! Good luck on finishing up the rest of the book!

  10. it’s been great having a least a couple of guys in the group! you’ve become a great baker, and i wish you were continuing on with us…but i look forward to seeing you complete the recipes you missed.

  11. I’m glad you are keeping going with baking/blogging, otherwise I would miss your hilarious posts and not-at-all ugly food. Plus, I like knowing there is a kindred spirit baking along in Pennsylvania. Laurie covers Pittsburgh, you have the middle, and I’ll take Philly.

  12. I’ve always enjoyed reading your posts. Sorry you won’t be continuing with the new book but I do hope you check in and I look forward to reading your posts on other interesting foods. Happy baking and cooking in 2012!

  13. Im not sure these cookies could come out anything but ugly no matter how you make them 😉
    Happy New Year!

  14. […] already said good bye to Tuesdays With Dorie when the rest of you stopped, but now I finally lay this group to rest in a […]

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