Tuesdays With Dorie – Puffed Double Plum? Tart and last week’s honey-almond fig? tart

This is the puffed double plum tart, or as I like to call it: the puffed pear/prune tart. Plums have disappeared from the grocery stores around here. There were no recommended suggestions, but I went with some red pears just because they would mirror some of the intended color of the plums.

This is pretty good. Apparently, year-old freezer-burnt puff pastry still puffs pretty impressively, and tastes great too. I polished off half the thing myself in a post-gym frenzy.

Plums must have gone out of season pretty quickly, because exactly one week ago today…

I couldn’t find figs, so I used plums as a replacement in the honey almond fig tart. The honey almond pastry creme is probably my favorite of the tart fillings that Dorie has done. The plums worked well with the creme. Dorie’s recommended replacements were summer stonefruits like peaches and nectarines. They were also no-can-do. Her only other suggestion was making this into a grapefruit tart, and I am strictly opposed to citrus desserts in the wintertime.

Speaking of desserts that are completely out of season, we continue our farewell tour through this cookbook and wrap up Tuesdays With Dorie over the next few weeks. Tomorrow night I tackle today’s secondary recipe: chocolate blueberry ice cream. Yep, nothing on a sub-freezing day like a nice cold bowl of icy fruity ice cream.

3 Responses to “Tuesdays With Dorie – Puffed Double Plum? Tart and last week’s honey-almond fig? tart”

  1. The tarts look gorgeous! My puff pastry did not puff.

  2. Ciao! I envy your perfect puff ! I used apples but I’m sure pears are wonderful with the plums.

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