Tuesdays With Dorie – Earl Grey Madeleines, and last week’s Normandy Apple Tart

I’ve never been a tea fan and I’ve never been particularly happy with madeleines. This one will not change my mind on either count. I had some bags of Earl Grey left over from some earlier TWD recipe – possibly Far Breton? Anyway, here we are now with tea cookies.

This is last week’s Normandy Apple Tart, which I baked on Tuesday but didn’t include in my Tuesday post. I thought this was downright delicious, although it did not have a lot of sweetness to it. It disappeared at work before lunch, which is almost always a good sign. I made the extra effort to learn how to layer the apples appropriately, and hopefully that shows (despite the poor lighting).


3 Responses to “Tuesdays With Dorie – Earl Grey Madeleines, and last week’s Normandy Apple Tart”

  1. Ha what a trooper you dont like tea or madeleines and you made them anyways! Thanks for baking along. And your tart looks fantastic too.

  2. Your tart is gorgeous! The mads aren’t bad either.

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