Tuesdays With Dorie – Mini Madeleines and Butternut Squash Pie

So the mini madeleines…did not turn out so well.

First of all, mini madeleine pans do not exist in my area so I used a full-sized madeleine pan. I baked these for only a portion of the bake time (5 min) and when I came out to check, they were already scorched.

Since Tuesdays with Dorie has become a two-recipe thing for the next few months and that’s killing me anyway, I decided not to retry the madeleines. The undersides of the burnt madeleines came out perfectly, BTW. A real shame.

The butternut squash pie came out fairly well. Pie dough and I will never truly get along, but what the pie lacks in aesthetics it makes up for in big Autumn flavor.

Have a good week. See you next one.


5 Responses to “Tuesdays With Dorie – Mini Madeleines and Butternut Squash Pie”

  1. Oh, sorry about your madeleines. I have a mini pan so it took three separate batches to use all the batter and my first batch looked almost as dark as yours. Maybe the temperature on the recipe is a bit high?

    Your butternut squash pie looks like it turned out great!

  2. I think your pie looks superb! Madeleines and I are not generally friends either.

  3. Sorry to hear that the madeleines didn’t work out. You’re definitely not the only one who had problems with them getting too dark. I really had to watch mine closely to avoid the same problem. I’m glad you had better luck with the pie!

  4. And that’s why I didn’t make the madeleines. Your pie looks delicious!

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