Tuesdays With Dorie – Chocolate Spice Quickies

Dorie indicates that these cookies can be baked in very little time, save for the 4 hour chill time. I’m here to inform you that this is not accurate. Here is the actual timeline.

1. Process ingredients together in food processor
2. Roll dough into logs
3. Chill
4. Discover remaining dough in food processor
5. Look for spoon
6. Where is the spoon?
7. There is no spoon (The Matrix)!!!
8. Use your finger, try to get all the dough out
9. There is still dough lodged on the food processor blade
10. Oh no, how do we get the dough out!
11. Lick the dough off of the food processor blade
12. Cut tongue
13. Oh god oh god oh god
14. Should I go to the emergency room?
15. Go to the emergency room
16. Get stitches on tongue
17. Go home
18. Slice cookies
19. Bake (7 min)
20. Consume


7 Responses to “Tuesdays With Dorie – Chocolate Spice Quickies”

  1. This cookie should have come with a warning label! Hope you heel soon!

  2. Dang …I hope your tongue gets better fast..I bet that hurt like hell. Im glad your OK! The cookies look good…gosh were you even able to try one?

  3. I didn’t really hurt my tongue, by the way. Just never have anything to write, so I added a few useful steps to the recipe.

  4. Ha! Thank you for making me laugh on such a dreary day!! I needed that!

  5. Umm… you licked the blade? I’m hardcore and even I wouldn’t do that. I prescribe a little ice cream therapy.

  6. Timely, but beautiful! Thanks for baking along with me this week – hope your tongue is better today! 🙂

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