Tuesdays With Dorie – Absolutely Not Chestnut Scones, You Guys

Dorie’s recipe calls for chestnut flour. Dorie even specifically indicates that this flour is only available in specialty stores. I’ve had enough trouble finding ingredients in my area to know that this super-secret special ingredient was not in my future. Still, I looked. I also looked for coconut flour and almond flour, at the suggestion of other TWD bakers.


Neither of my grocery stores even carries chestnuts, let alone chestnut flour.

I wouldn’t have been so bummed about this, except that without the chestnut flour, this recipe would be EXACTLY THE SAME AS LAST WEEK’S SCONES.

So, I improvised. These are my hazelnut scones. I switched to two full cups of all-purpose flour (replacing the 3/4C chestnut flour), and I replaced 1/8 Cup of the heavy cream with hazelnut-flavored coffee creamer. Absolutely not as good as some actual, honest to god ingredients, but it would have to do.

The scones themselves came out beautifully and tasted great. We dipped them in Nutella for the full-on Hazelnut Experience.

I do have to say that I’m just about sconed out here, you guys. Let’s make something full of sugar, please!


6 Responses to “Tuesdays With Dorie – Absolutely Not Chestnut Scones, You Guys”

  1. Your scones are beautiful, they rose so much! I used coconut flour and they were good, but a touch dry.

  2. great use of coffee creamer 😉 your scones rose beautifully.

    dont feel bad about the flour… i couldn’t find it either. but i DID find coconut and almond flour FINALLY at my central market. but no chestnut, boo.

  3. Great subs., I couldn’t face another scone week. And I love scones!

  4. Wow they look like they came out of a five star bakery, nice!

  5. Yum scones! Not a fan of hazelnut, though.

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