Tuesdays With Dorie – Cream Scones, Tractor Cakes, and Oatmeal Scones

I FORGOT THE CURRANTS! I had them sitting in a box, but once the dough was mixed together, all bets were off. Straight into the oven. Oh well. These turned out very nicely (in less than half of the recommended cooking time, and some of these were pret-ty dark). They tasted great. Airy and mildly sweet.

HALFTIME! Here is a cake I made for my wife’s boss’s birthday. He likes John Deere Tractors. These tractors mowed the words “happy” and “birthday” into this cake. I am quite proud of this cake, probably the prettiest thing I’ve made (or at least the closest to its original conception). The recipes are all basic Wilton recipes. Wilton’s yellow cake, Wilton’s chocolate buttercream, and Wilton’s buttercream. The cakes are layered, so this ended up quite tall.

I’m glad we had a moment to celebrate something that turned out nicely. Since we started with scones, let’s end it with scones: these are Dorie’s oatmeal scones. I made a mistake and pre-made the wrong scones for one of the TWD weeks and couldn’t correct it because I was on my honeymoon. Not sure what went wrong here: maybe too long of a cook time (I wasn’t watching as closely with these scones as I had with the cream scones). Either way, here they are. They tasted good, but they’re not winning second prize in any beauty contests.


9 Responses to “Tuesdays With Dorie – Cream Scones, Tractor Cakes, and Oatmeal Scones”

  1. Love the tractor cake! Very fun. My son has a degree in horticulture with an emphsis in turf management. He proposed to his wife with a big ‘Will You Marry Me’ mowed in her big back yard.
    Love the cream scones, mine are in the freezer waiting for company. I do not need to eat a whole batch of cream scones! But they are delicious.

  2. Great cake – love the “Happy Birthday” mown effect.

  3. hope you had fun on the honeymoon!!! Congrats! your scones look wonderful. very cute cake too

  4. that cake must have taken you so long to do the reverse lettering!

  5. Cute tractor cake! I don’t think Dorie says when to put the currants into the dough, so I think many people left those out! I used butter that had cranberries in it so I just stuck with that.

  6. that cake is kick-ass! and the cream scones look great.

  7. At first I thought you were just shitty at using green frosting. Then I saw the letters and realized you were brilliant. I love it.

  8. Hey there, I’m not an official TWDer but I bake along for the fun of it. It wasn’t your fault, she left the currants out of the actual recipe directions! I was using dried cherries instead, and picked up my dough from the baking sheet and re-kneaded it with the cherries. Probably wreaked havoc but I ate ’em anyway. Delish.

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