Hi gang. Just wanted to let you all know that I am now married. I undertook the mammoth task of baking the cupcakes for my reception. These are white chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese icing. Special thanks to the matron of honor, Rachel’s sister Ashlee, for creating the top “cupcake” and the white-chocolate hearts which were used as decoration.

There was a near-disaster; shortly after the pastor’s blessing, I noticed that the front-heavy cupcake stand was collapsing in on itself. While we were flopping cupcakes off the thing and bracing it with our hands, cooler heads fetched plastic cups from the bar to brace the display; the cupcakes were replaced, the display held for the rest of the ceremony, and most of the people were none-the-wiser about the whole thing.

Rachel made a candy buffet, and it was also a huge hit – very little candy to take home at the end of the night. We had a good time, caught up with 115 good friends and family members, and did a lot of dancing.


It is 1:41am on Monday morning. We’re leaving on our honeymoon in a little over three hours. I’ll be gone for two weeks, but the Tuesdays With Dorie train will keep rolling, with posts appearing on their appropriate days. I just finished baking the almond scones at midnight. Next up: Disney World!



  1. Fabulous cupcakes!!! Congratulations and many years of happiness to you and your beloved!!! 🙂

  2. Congratulations to you and your lovely bride!! Much happiness and have a wonderful honeymoon!

  3. Your wedding was an absolute blast! I am amazed that you made your own cupcakes and the display (however temporarily lop-sided) was beautiful.
    Keep your eyes peeled for pics on facebook. I didn’t get too many (since my lens is macro, for food pics, rather than zoom), but I do have a few fun ones!).
    Enjoy your honeymoon! When you get back, we’ll have a feast and celebrate again!

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  5. Congratulations Mike and Mrs. Mike! Making your own wedding cupcakes is very impressive, and an auspicious start to the marriage. (Righting the tipping cupcakes just means you will weather life’s storms together successfully, or something like that.)

  6. […] I’ll see you all for real next week, as I’ll be back from my honeymoon! Please read my previous post for all the information on my adventure baking the cupcakes for my wedding! […]

  7. congratulations! I love your wife’s dress and making your own cupcakes is very impressive at your own wedding…very cool. hope you have a wonderful honeymoon and happy married life. She is lucky to be married to someone who knows all the TWD recipes!

  8. Congratulations to you and Rachel – what a lucky girl to be married to such a kitchen enthusiast 🙂 May must be a popular month to get married, we just celebrated our first anniversary last Sunday! I hope you have many wonderful years together and enjoy your honeymoon!

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