Tuesdays With Dorie – Marbled Loaf Cake

Few words. Late night. Tired.

Tiniest bit too dark on the outside, which led to a bit too dry on the inside. Still tasted all right.

8 Responses to “Tuesdays With Dorie – Marbled Loaf Cake”

  1. All it needs is some ice cream. 😉

  2. My cake was a bit dry, whipped cream helped a lot! Fun cake.

  3. I looks ok in the picture, but this baked such a long time that it was easy to overbake it. My oven is off and too cold, so I lucked out and mine did ok.

  4. I have a wonky oven, and I’ve decided that Dorie’s baking times are only suggestions. They are always way off for me, one way or another. Still, it’s a good-looking loaf.

  5. I put a foil tent on mine which turns out to have been a good idea. I’m always a bit wary of baking something for more than an hour!

  6. Take my word for it, chocolate syrup and ice cream does wonders for dry cake. Thanks for baking with me this week. — Carol

  7. It looks good! I hope you get some rest:)

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