Tuesdays With Dorie – Torturous Apple Tart, playing with shower gifts

My tart crust burnt like crazy (both the prebaked bottom crust and, later, the top crust.

Luckily, I don’t pride my food on its beauty, and a few good hammers with a butter knife whacked off all the most offensive bits.

It was quite edible, And you better believe it.

I’ve been showing off some crockpot things I’ve made over the last few weeks. Here are some things I’ve made with OTHER gifts from Rachel’s bridal shower.

We got a pizza peel, meaning I have a way to transfer pizza onto a hot stone, as opposed to just throwing dough in on a cold stone. My pizza is fifty times better than it ever has been. Here is the pizza “upskirt” favored by connoisseurs at Slice.seriouseats.com. Not quite as done as it should be, but I’m learning.

Additionally, we got a grill. We had our first warm-enough night and we decided to make turkey burgers and corn on the cob. It was dark by the time we were eating, so the picture isn’t great – but check it out anyway!

That’s all, bye bye.


5 Responses to “Tuesdays With Dorie – Torturous Apple Tart, playing with shower gifts”

  1. My mini tarts got really browned in the pre-bake stage and I questioned even baking it before filling but it worked out. It was really tasty in the end!

  2. i was afraid my crust would burn because the dough must have been too cold because i had to tack on an extra 10 mins at the end. its amazing that my crust didn’t burn… hm. well, i am surely glad that your co-workers are enjoying this. and i’ll be checking out your crockpot goods.

  3. Woah! Im glad the other food turned out..lol!!:))) YOu get an A for trying!!

  4. Gee, I should introduce my tart to yours. They have much in common…. It did taste pretty darn good though.

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