French Onion Soup

Hey stupids,

I was snowed in last night and I found a spare three hours to make some onion soup.


The recipe is from The Kitchn, click through. It’s a three-ingredient thing, though, so you may not need a recipe. Chop some onions, carmelize them real good in some butter, boil/simmer with stock, reduce, salt/pepper to taste.

I used yellow onions. I used store-brand canned chicken broth because I didn’t have any homemade stock and it’s cheap. It worked just fine and I saved five cents!

I thought it tasted great. I’ll ashamedly admit that I’ll often buy powdered “French Onion” mix from the grocery store, and it is awful. While it takes a while to make French Onion soup, most of that is inactive time that I can spend watching Doctor Who and picking my nose.

When you are done, you will ooze onion smell out of all of the holes in your body, including your pores and your mouths. Do not bother brushing your teeth. Do not bother washing your butt. Welcome to Smellsville, Population You.

Go now and be great,



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