Pretzel-Crust Pizza: Phaze 1

Rachel had an idea: pretzel-crusted pizza. I tell you this not only because she desires credit for the idea, but also because this way I can preemptively shift blame onto her for the result.

I don’t usually blast you with photos on this site, but I figure I’ll give you the blow-by-blow on my first attempt.

kneaded dough

This is the dough. I used my standard pizza dough recipe – water, flour, yeast, a little salt, and a little sugar. I had toyed with the idea of using a specific “pretzel” recipe, but it turns out the ingredients are exactly the same.


Then I let the dough rise. I know, whatever, shut up.


Here’s where things started going south. Like you would with a pretzel recipe, I parboiled the dough in a baking soda solution. However, the doughball was too big and stretched too thin to be easily removed from the boiling pot. It fell apart and got soaked. This is the salvaged, completely non-cohesive dough.

dried dough

I ended up prebaking the dough at a low temperature for a long time to dry it out, and then raising the temperature to give it some pretzely sheen (which never came).


Homemade sauce…


Cheese (mozzarella, parmesan, romano, and asiago – as well as a pinch of colby jack from the dregs of a bag that was otherwise going to get thrown out)

finished pie

And here’s the finished pie. It didn’t photograph well, but the crust actually did come out looking like a soft pretzel.


The final slice. The pizza never really recovered after the parboiling incident. The inside was a bit too soggy, and the outside wasn’t crisp enough. The bottom of the pizza was so soggy that it stuck to the stone. For phaze 2, I’m going to need to find a new way to get prezelly. I believe I’ll try to brush a good amount of the baking-soda-solution onto the already-fully-stretched crust so that I can avoid soggy dough.

The crust could also probably stand a sprinkling of pretzel salt, for authenticity’s sake. But absolutely no yellow mustard, you fools!


One Response to “Pretzel-Crust Pizza: Phaze 1”

  1. Sorry but Trinity Pub located at 5943 N. Northwest Hwy Chicago, Il 60631 has been doing Pretzel Crusted Pizza for the last couple of years. They are the only place I know that does it an has perfected the melding of the crust to perfection. Just thought I would pass it on. But Rachel is great and an innovator in the culinary world. Someone will pick up on this and do a food show about the little joint in Chicago someday.

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