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Tuesdays With Dorie – World Peace Cookies and Tall and Creamy Cheesecake

Posted in food on December 28, 2010 by hoagiefest 2020

I’ve made both of these before, and I’ll make them again.

My fears that the cheesecake (see previous baking) was a bit too dark turned out to be unfounded. Everything tasted great. I ended up with enough cheesecake to share with Rachel’s family and my own family.

These cookies (see previous baking) were mixed the day after Thanksgiving, but I never got a chance to bake them off. I made a batch for Christmas families and a batch for work. I might have left these frozen a bit too long (or maybe they unfroze/got refrozen in the move), as the consistency didn’t thrill me this time around.

Hope everyone had a happy holiday and got lots of ponies.

Tuesdays With Dorie – Cardamom Crumb Cake

Posted in food on December 21, 2010 by hoagiefest 2020

It’s nice to finally settle back down into some sort of rut. We’re about 4/5 moved out of our old place, and 1/15 unpacked in our new place, but I made sure to get all the tools and ingredients out of boxes for this one (although you’ll note our fine paper china). Boy, am I glad that I did.

This may be one of my favorite Dorie recipes yet. The cake is nice and light with all sorts of flavor. Orange, coffee/espresso, whatever the hell cardamom is. It smells floral and tastes kind of ginger-y, but it’s wonderful and I’m going to start sprinkling this stuff in everything I make from this point forward.

The move went fairly well. My amazing family pooled together and helped us move the big stuff on Saturday, and we’ve been carting stuff over slowly but surely ever since. We need to give the place a thorough cleaning, but otherwise there are very few trips left.

Our new kitchen is a bit of a ballbuster. There’s not as much counter space or cabinet space. The oven is also smaller – I can’t actually fit my baking sheet in there. Looks like I’ll need to do some shopping. I put this cake pan in without the baking sheet and it turned out fine. I’m super excited though to have an electric stove instead of gas. The temperature control on our last range was awful.

Everything else is enormous. The extra bedroom will be our office, and the extra bathroom will be our bathroom.

“It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday.” -Bob Marley

Tuesdays With Dorie – Apple Coconut Family Cake

Posted in food on December 14, 2010 by hoagiefest 2020

Hello and hi.

Definitely edible. The cake isn’t quite sweet enough for my tastes, and the glaze is too super-sweet for my tastes. You’d think they’d even each other out, but…

In other news, here is a photo of the cheesesteak omelet I got from Shugar’s South Street Steaks in Lemoyne, PA. It was scrumptious.

Here’s a photo of a terrible parking job outside of a Red Robin.

There it is. The week in food.

Otherwise, we’re getting ready to move on Saturday. Enjoy this photo shoot, everyone. This is the last time you’ll see this specific kitchen.

Tuesdays With Dorie – Translucent Maple Tuiles and DOG CAKE

Posted in food on December 7, 2010 by hoagiefest 2020

Today was our dog’s second birthday. Happy birthday, dog! Here is a dog cake!

She loved the dog cake.

Now the dog cake is gone forever. This is the aftermath, pardon Rachel’s thumb.

Today’s Dorie recipe is maple-flavored pringles. There was a bit of a learning curve to baking them to the right level of doneness and removing them from the pan at the right time. Half of my cookies were good, the other half were little maple balls.


Finally, here’s a delicious piece of Orange Creamsicle Cake with whipped cream icing that I got at a restaurant. Cake is better than pie, and my dog agrees.