Tuesdays With Dorie – Russian Roulette (Chocolate Chocolate Cupcakes)

For Thanksgiving week, TWD is taking a little break from new recipes and encouraging people to make old favorites. I made the chocolate cupcakes, which is convenient because Rachel volunteered me to make cupcakes for a party at work. Also pictured are cookies and cream cupcakes, which I made as a second option.

Additional foods, in the least appetizing pictures ever taken:

Eggplant Crepes, previously made. Pay close attention to hungry dog Harley Quinn.

A recipe from Hungry Girl LOL for “fried” chicken made with Fiber One LOL which ended up tasting like a bowl full of cereal WTF.

Four cheese rigatoni with corn/peppers/tomato. The rigatoni was good, not the best mac and cheese I’ve ever had but edible and good for a few days of leftovers. A few simple additions actually made corn edible to me, so good show.

I’ll be remaking Dorie’s Caramel Pumpkin Pie for Thanksgiving, and Dorie’s World Peace Cookies for an upcoming cookie exchange party. Now is the time for empty calories!

3 Responses to “Tuesdays With Dorie – Russian Roulette (Chocolate Chocolate Cupcakes)”

  1. Wow your cupcakes look perfect. How did you get your frosting to look so good! Great choices on the pie and cookies too! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  2. Lovely cupcakes and a fun roundup of other dishes!

  3. The cupcakes look delicious, excellent piping job! And you can’t go wrong with Dorie’s Caramel Pumpkin Pie or World Peace Cookies… mmm…
    As a side note, I’ve tried HG’s “faux fried” recipes before, and they all taste like toasted Fiber One to me. Which isn’t terribly delicious. I’d much rather use breadcrumbs – the calorie count is going to be the same, just a tad less fiber (how much difference is it really, when you’re only using about a tablespoon per chicken strip anyway? LOL).

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