Tuesdays With Dorie – Cranberry Lime Galette, various foods, three murders

I made the galette this week and it burnt. IT BURNT. How did it burn? I don’t know, it just burnt. My previous galette did the same thing, but in a different oven. Perhaps galettes are just stupid. It couldn’t be me; I am not the one who is burnt.


These are Dorie’s “My Best Chocolate Chip Cookies,” made with the peanut butter variant. They were good, made at the whim of Rachel.


This is the Farmer’s Market Bowl. You’ve met before.

framers makret

These are little chicken spring rolls with peanut sauce. Our tortillas were super dry and they wouldn’t wrap without falling apart, so I just made little chickeny flatbreads.

spring unrolls

This is Caribbean Jerk Chicken with fruit salsa. As far as entrees go, this was the best one from the week.


This is a chocolate covered mint Peep, which tastes nothing like Peeps and everything like generic-brand crappy marshmallow-filled chocolates (NOW WITH MINT!). Not a slam by the way, because I still liked it, just not at all Peepsy.


A coworker took me out for my birthday and these were the fish tacos that I ate with my mouth.


5 Responses to “Tuesdays With Dorie – Cranberry Lime Galette, various foods, three murders”

  1. Ah, bummer about the burned galette. I kind of had the same thing the first time I tried one… one side unfolded, filling spilled out and then the dreaded burn. I found that if you freeze them for maybe 15 minutes ahead, or refrigerate for a while, so the crust firms up before baking it’s much more likely to stay put and avoid the filling spilling out. Anyway, everything else looks delish, especially the chicken spring rolls.

  2. I didn’t make this cus I dind’t want to get burned.

  3. Sorry you had trouble! I’m sure it was your oven being strange.

  4. burn. those cookies look amazing though!! absolutely perfect!!

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