Tuesdays With Dorie – Peanuttiest Blondies (and Broccoli Lasagna Bianca)

Hello friends! I made blondies and lasagna, and then I typed the names of them in the subject line as best I could remember.


This is the peanuttiest blondie. These came out perfectly and tasted delicious.

peanuttiest lasagna named after a rescuer

This is my first ever lasagna. The recipe that I used was from a vegetarian cookbook that fancies itself “healthy.” What that means is that you use egg beaters instead of eggs and fat-free ricotta instead of real cheese. It leaves you with something that’s kind of lacking but for 250 calories for a mighty slab of lasagna is not bad.

One essentlal missing ingredient: salt. Not in the recipe at all. As a recipe stickler, I didn’t put any in, but that was a big mistake. I shouldn’t have to garnish my food with salt later. It should come out flavorful.

I’d make it again since the prep is fairly easy and the leftovers go a long way, but I’d use some real, fatty ingredients and spice it up a bit more somehow.

My next trick will be to pull out my pasta maker and actually make the noodles myself. May Grodd have mercy on us all.

peanuttiest half-bearded man

This is my Halloween costume – I went as Good Twin/Bad Twin. My clothes also fit the bill, as Rachel ripped up one side and smeared it with all manner of foul-smelling stuff. After a work day of smelling like yellow mustard, I was ready to throw in the towel.

peanuttiest floral-print sheets

This is Rachel’s costume. That’s a straight-up Beetlejuice ghost, mofos.

peanuttiest dog named after a batman villain masquerading as a batman

This is Harley’s costume. Playing for the wrong team.

peanuttiest ape advice

This is APE ETIQUETTE at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. Enough said.

I also spent my non-gym, non-baking portion of the night reading a chunk of Grant Morrison’s run on JLA and it’s really good and OH CRAP YOU ALL LEFT ALREADY.

5 Responses to “Tuesdays With Dorie – Peanuttiest Blondies (and Broccoli Lasagna Bianca)”

  1. Ha ha..you always crack me up!! I love the blondies , the dish of lasa. and all the costumes…Feel free to stop by my blog sometime and leave a comment…just sayin.

  2. That lasagna looks good! Too bad it was lacking. Right idea though!! BLondies look great!

    And I never thought I’d learn how to approach (but not really) an ape.

  3. yum – the lasagna looks fresh and tasty! and your blondies look perfectly smooth on top

  4. Totally stealing Rachels costume idea!

    Thanks for baking along with me 😉

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