Crazy. Pizza. Bread.

I made a version of this recipe for CRAZY PIZZA BREAD. Crazy.

Not crazy, not pizza, not bread

It was very good, although really with all of the cheese tucked in like a pocket, it was pretty much a stromboli. I didn’t use olives because Rachel doesn’t like them. I carmelized some onions and chopped up some salami to use as the “toppings” that were mixed into the dough. This tasted really, really good; I didn’t use a tomato dipping sauce and I didn’t feel like one was necessary.


Kat asked me to show a picture of the inside. Since she is a member of the pay-area of the site, I am required to deliver on something raunchy every once in a while.

The only disappointing thing about this bread is the way it looks inside; it probably could have stood with some peppers for the sake of color. But really, it’s a cheesy savory bread that’s meant to be cut into breadsticks and the carmelized onions and salami work with each other perfectly, sweet and salty. So TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT, KAT. I’LL SEE YOU IN HELL.


3 Responses to “Crazy. Pizza. Bread.”

  1. Pics of inside?

  2. Oh, so you’re into the raunchy stuff.

  3. thx bro

    might make this weekend

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