Ghetto Soft Pretzels

I made soft pretzels tonight using this recipe. They taste really good, and like you’d expect from this website, they look dumb as hell.

I call them Whitey Whackers

Previous recipes have never really browned properly for me; this recipe involves parboiling the uncooked dough in a baking soda solution prior to baking. IT WORKED. IT’S A MIRACLE.

On the next attempt, I’ll probably use the same recipe and work on making the pretzels thinner and more edible-looking. I also may attempt to use the recipe to make pretzel rolls for sandwiches. Rachel also has requested a pretzel-based pizza crust in the past, which sounds disgusting but may be worth a shot.


Apparently my friend Ashley is starting a food blog, and you should check it out. CLICK IT.

She had asked on Facebook: “What interests you about food.” I posted an answer, and I spent a whole five minutes typing it. Since that’s more time than I’ve spent on any single blog post in two years, I figure I’ll post it here. This is what I like about food.

I like that food can be an expression of art. I like that food can be an expression of science, and that you can break food down into the smallest micronutrients, each with their own function. I like the insane techniques of molecular gastronomy, where the chef breaks the food down to its essentials in an entirely different way.I like that you can make like a mad scientist, take a bunch of different powders, and end up with some complete dish that tastes great and bears no resemblance to the original ingredients. I like that the enjoyment of food is really the only desire in the world that isn’t stigmatized, and that food is the only thing in the world in which society accepts trashiness. I like the fact that food can be intensely personal, and that you can exert time and energy into preparing and sharing good food with people you care about. I also like the way food tastes.

So that’s what I think your blog (and any good food blog) should be about. Don’t make it clinical; celebrate food, dude.

Almost brings a tear to your eye, doesn’t it?


One Response to “Ghetto Soft Pretzels”

  1. I like your pretzels. It looks like you made them with your feet.

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