Tuesdays With Dorie – Chockablock Cookies

You know how you play through The Legend of Zelda and you conquer a series of bosses (each of which requires a specific skill or tool), and then you get to the castle of the final boss and you need to use each one of those skills or tools to battle your way through the dungeon and ultimately defeat the boss?

These cookies are the castle of the final boss.

They are full of nuts, raisins, coconut, molasses, chocolate chips, oatmeal, and pretty much every ingredient I’ve ever used to bake a Tuesday With Dorie recipe. Having successfully conquered the Chockablock Cookies, there is nothing left. It’s time to stab the Master Sword through Gannon’s head and call it a day.

The cookies themselves were okay. A little too busy, as you could probably guess. Maybe too molassesy, too. Still edible and delicious, mind you, but not my favorite and I’d probably go for something a little more focused if I were to make a cookie outside of the realm of TWD.


11 Responses to “Tuesdays With Dorie – Chockablock Cookies”

  1. Oh my goodness, Zelda cookies! I’ll have to make these–I think they go in my favorites just on principle because I’ll think of making them as killing Ganon, and what could be more awesome than that?

  2. I didn’t use molasses.

    I used brown sugar in mine.

  3. Not enough Zelda metaphors around these days.

    I liked these too, surprisingly.

  4. There was a lot going on in this gem, but we loved them!

  5. Zelda cookies… I love it! πŸ™‚

  6. A busy cookie, for sure. But we liked them just fine. They look pretty good, too!

  7. cute little analogy. lol…

  8. My favorite part of Zelda was entering the houses and talking to people. I would go back and forth to see what they would say haha. Wow. I had no life.

  9. Im loving all the chocolate chips! They look yummy!

  10. Too much fruit in these for me. But I will make again with all the other ingredients.

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