Discount Shopping

Went shopping at a local Bargain Outlet chain, and I had several weird pictures with nowhere to combine them.

Something seemed not quite right about this sign.

Orientals: At these prices, they’ll fly!

I found this sticker book from 1990; this is my second time owning this sticker book, although last time was 20 years ago.

The sticker book came up on the receipt as “B&D Hurts Ass,” which may be the name of the assortment, but maybe it’s just some weird joke the employees pulled because they figured nobody would buy a twenty-year-old sticker book.

And this is actually from the last time I was there, but this is Gumby, and he’s BACK, BABY. And he brought his old friends: Green Lantern, Superman, Jar Jar Binks. Wall-E, and St. Patrick’s Day Pillow!


One Response to “Discount Shopping”

  1. We’ve got an Ollie’s outlet, relatively recently, I love the place.

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