Swedish Visiting Cake

This cake is real good and real fast. Should have baked it a little longer, as the middle was just a bit too liquid. Otherwise, a general success.

16 Responses to “Swedish Visiting Cake”

  1. Did you use cast iron? or a cake pan?

  2. Done-ness testing was a bit tricky with this one, because the cake was so moist even when fully baked. No matter, it’s pretty yummy either way. And yours released from the pan perfectly! Glad you liked it, thanks for baking along with me this week.

  3. Glad you enjoyed it. Looks tasty to me!

  4. I bet it was gobbled up in no time!

  5. Looks fantastic! But what chocolatechic said, did you use a skillet? This looks like its tough to get out of the pan!

  6. The cake resembles your post: real good and real fast! It looks perfect to me!

  7. I had to triple check my toothpick because it still seemed ‘wet’, luckily it came out.

  8. Yipeee for Swedish cake..I loved it. The only thing I have had Swedish is the candy Swedish fish! Your cake looks so good!

  9. Looks good to me! I can’t believe how easy, yet yummy it was. 🙂

  10. I love those slivered almonds!!!!

  11. I should have baked mine longer, too, but I ended up rather liking the gooey center. Is that a bad thing? I’m glad you enjoyed this!

  12. Looks pefect from here!!!

  13. Looks great! I agree, this was one tasty cake!

  14. Your cake looks fantastic! I wouldn’t mind a liquidy center at all since the batter was delicious! =)

  15. I thought a little squish in the middle just added to its rusticity. Is that a word? Nice cake.

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