Tuesdays With Dorie – Soft Chocolate and Raspberry Tarts


First of all, thank you for the outpouring of support last week on both the comment section of this blog, as well as on your own blogs. Having it be “your” week to host Tuesdays With Dorie is a lot like prom night, except this time I didn’t end up sobbing!

Looks pretty good, doesn’t it. DON’T BE FOOLED – THE CRUST IS POISON.

I messed this week’s recipe up big time. I must have made Dorie’s sweet tart dough five times before, and always without incident. This week I forgot to put the sugar into the dough. So it was more like a fruity chocolate tart in a biscuit-crust. Surprisingly, not as bad as I expected it to be; if I had more time, I would have given it another go before I posted this. I’ll be trying this again sometime soon, preferably with the correct dough.


8 Responses to “Tuesdays With Dorie – Soft Chocolate and Raspberry Tarts”

  1. YAY !!! Four tarts woohoo. Loved reading about you. Like that your living the moderating kind of life. What do we do with all these desserts? hehe Thanks for picking the cookies last week. I’ve made them a lot and I think they are pretty and tasty.

  2. Thanks for baking along with me this week! Your tarts look great, and I bet the dough would’ve been fine, I bet with the chocolate and rasp. flavors, you’d never know it was missing sugar! I am seeing lots of little tarts, I must get me some of these cute tins! =)

  3. You are so right…the tart dough IS poison.

  4. LOL about the crust, but at least it was better than you expected!

  5. Hey sugar free isn’t so bad! They look good anyway.

  6. Ooops 🙂 That is exactly the kind of thing I would do! I bet they tasted good anyway, they do look yummy!

  7. I can’t tell one bit from the picture that the sugar is missing. At least you didn’t mistake the salt for sugar. I’m a big fan of the sweet/salty combo, but I’m pretty sure that would be inedible.

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