Tuesdays With Dorie – Chocolate Chip Cookies

How come, despite all of my improvement in baking over the last year and a half, I manage to screw up chocolate chip cookies – the standard cookie! THE STANDARD COOKIE!

My cookies all spread out like crazy and burnt on the bottom. Yum.

13 Responses to “Tuesdays With Dorie – Chocolate Chip Cookies”

  1. You gotta keep your dough cold, yo. Or they’ll spread like this and cause a ruckus. Try chilling it for about 15 minutes after you mix it.

  2. The recipe didn’t mention this, but it should have crossed my mind since I’ve refrigerated all my other cookies. D’oh!

  3. Brown Moses Says:


  4. They don’t look burnt to me! And I bet they were delicious anyway. Mine were pretty flat too:(

  5. Your cookies look like my cookies. Flat. Yours don’t look burnt though. I thought they tasted good. Just looked pitiful!

  6. No way, man. Not your fault! The recipe totally produced flatty mcflattersons! I added flour and it was much improved. Live to mix another day, my friend.

  7. Even chilled to the hilt, my cookies spread like crazy, too. You are not alone!

  8. Actually, these are meant to be fairly flat and crispy. Yours look really good. Sorry about the burnt part — hope you’ll try again.

  9. I never refrigerate my dough…they don’t spread either. Anyways I think your cookies look good…

  10. I chilled mine and they spread. Wasn’t you. Lots of us had trouble with these. But they look good.

  11. Its because of the butter! It’s melting point is really low which causes the cookies to spread out. If you want a soft fluffy cookie try instead using half butter and half butter flavored shortening. Shortening has a much HIGH melting temp. I know it changes the recipe but it really keeps the cookies from going flat. Granted i think your cookies look amazing as is…I love my cookies slightly undercooked and a little doughy..yumyum

    It took me serveral years(thats right I said it years!) to make a decent chocolate chip cookie!

  12. I had a touch more flour, but for the extra flour I use Cake Flour and they come out perfectly every time. When I say a touch probably 1/4 cup cake flour. And I scoop my cookies and put them in the fridge on the baking sheet for about 10 mins.

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