Tuesdays With Dorie – Chocolate-Crunched Caramel Tart

Tart dough. Homemade caramel. Honey roasted peanuts. Chocolate ganache. Pretty much, it’s a Snickers Bar Pastry.

It’s good. I especially enjoyed the pressed peanut sweepings. This might be the first time I’ve gotten this tart dough right, and I’m glad. And I’m glad I’m glad. Any questions? That’s too bad.

6 Responses to “Tuesdays With Dorie – Chocolate-Crunched Caramel Tart”

  1. Oh…I thought of you all day yesterday as I made my TWD….mine is just so ugly.

  2. You did great! and your right, this tart does taste a little like a Snickers bar pastry.

  3. The crust looks great! Oh the tart does too. =)

  4. Im glad you thought it was good.

  5. i’m glad, too. and after you get it right once, you’ll probably never get it wrong again.

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