Tuesdays With Dorie – Cottage Cheese Pufflets

These things sounded pretty awful by name alone, and I’m pleased to say that they are not nearly as awful as they sound.

Rachel’s review: “These are a little bland. Oh wait…now I like them.” Score one for the underwhelmingly positive!

I thought they were just fine. I was successful, which is more than I could say about last week, and they were a nice, mildly sweet change of pace from the souffles from two weeks ago.

They didn’t all look this pretty. Most were not even close. This is my terrible shame.


5 Responses to “Tuesdays With Dorie – Cottage Cheese Pufflets”

  1. At least you made them. After reading the P&Q and evaluating my work schedule from Hell, I graciously backed out this week

  2. I’m with Amanda…I didn’t even make them.

  3. I agree – all the flavor in these was in the filling. If you got a bite without filling, it was kind of . . . just dough.

  4. It was pretty touch and go with these cookies. I’m glad you had some success and that they were enjoyed, sort of 🙂 Thanks for baking along this week.

    P.S. Wait until you have kids, you’ll have plenty to write about then, LOL.

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