Tuesdays With Dorie – Brownie Buttons

Okay, listen. I made these brownies the way brownies are supposed to be made – slightly undercooked, gooey, and full of yum. There’s nothing worse than a dry brownie.

I tried to finish these with the white chocolate glaze, but they were so screwed up decadent that they crumbled in the goo. They’re good enough this way, though, so screw off!



And Harley Quinn


6 Responses to “Tuesdays With Dorie – Brownie Buttons”

  1. I slightly underbaked mine too.

  2. Wow, your brownie buttons look really moist and fudgey! I’ll definitely have to underbake mine next time.
    Harley Quinn is too cute!

  3. Ooooooh! Harley Quinn is part cattle dog?! Wow. You are going to have a BALL OF THROBBING, QUIVERING ENERGY on your hands. You may want to take up running, or she’ll end up eating your couch.

    That said, they’re super-smart, loyal dogs. Just high energy needs, is all.

  4. Lillianne Says:

    oh ma gah you are crazee
    The reason I didn’t find you quicker is because you are way down at the bottom of the blogroll. Can’t want to see your movie, Tues with Dorie/Dude starring Meryl Streep (she will look much smaller) and who will be you? Cameo appearance by Harley Quinn.

    Seriously, I read your entire blog yesterday and laughed all day long. (I, too, am a gummint worker, hence the time to waste.) Love your food styling.

  5. Undercooked, moist and gooey – perfect.

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