Tuesdays With Dorie – Raspberry Blanc Manger

This recipe, with its delicious blend of hoove-like gelatin and sugared fruit, is the closest Dorie will come to Jell-O Pudding. In honor of this, I intended to have an epic post with audio clips of all of my friends and family trying to imitate Bill Cosby.

Alas, I have taken the procrastinator’s oath, and I must be steadfast.

Seriously, this thing is like a big Jell-O mold full of pudding, and if it weren’t so delicious I would barf.

7 Responses to “Tuesdays With Dorie – Raspberry Blanc Manger”

  1. You are too funny (and I agree with you completely)! Thanks for sharing….

  2. Great photo! Glad you enjoyed.

  3. I didn’t make it, but yours looks like the cook book.

  4. It looks perfect. Glad you liked it and I’m sure you had fun imitating Bill Cosby, right?

  5. Kudos on the procrastination & steadfastness – to try to buck the trend, I apologize for being neglectful of coming around here, and promise to stop by a bit more often. Your blancmanger looks delicious!

  6. This looks great! It is a big white jello mold, isn’t it? But with that name, it sounds very sophisticated. 🙂

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