Tuesday With Dorie – Peach Honey Ice Cream

I’ve actually made this ice cream before.  Rachel is allergic to blueberries, making last year’s Blueberry Sour Cream Ice Cream out of the question; as penance, I made her this Peach Honey business.  It was really good then, and it was really good on Monday night as well.

I spent three hours digging around my parents’ house for my ice cream maker.  This is the pain I go through just to bring you all one poorly lit photograph each week, accompanied by one random and sometimes-related line of text.

Here’s your picture.

What else is new?  Rachel and I are slowly, slowly, slowly drifting towards our 2011 wedding date.  Our dog, Harley Quinn, is getting huge.  I’m going to try to reinvigorate my love of writing.  I feel like I’m decent when I take the time to care about what I write, and I have barely done that at all since college.  I’m going to try to handwrite three pages of material – good, bad, or ugly – every day from this point forward.  Doing it on the computer – or worse, on my blog – is not enough motivation, and it’s too much pressure to actually offer something complete and worthwhile.


4 Responses to “Tuesday With Dorie – Peach Honey Ice Cream”

  1. Looks wonderful.

    I’ll stick to chocolate, thankyouverymucyh.

  2. Your Honey Peach Ice Cream looks so pretty – I like the color of it and the flecks of peaches throughout!

  3. I recently got a very nice pen. It has led me to want to handwrite things, and thus write them better.

    I wish you well on this voyage.

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