Tuesdays with Dorie – Chocolate Cream Tart

Okay, you guys.  The joke is very funny.  I get it.

It’s 90 degrees here, and you’re having me slave over a hot stove in our poorly-ventilated apartment, air conditioner on the fritz, and for what?

For a chocolatey dessert that won’t quench a single quenchable thing.

Not a quenchable thing.

Don’t get me wrong.  This dessert is nothing short of amazing, and it’s served cold so there’s that.  But where’s the ice cream?  The puddings?  The whatever-doesn’t-make-me-crank-the-ovens-to-400-degreeses?  Get with the program, people.

I christened my brand new food processor, and I like it a lot better than my old one.  Here’s hoping we don’t have any chocolate pudding debacles with this one.

Rachel is engaged.  To me.  If anybody wants to send presents – preferably cookies and/or cakes – please send them to:

Mike’s Mouth
Courtesy of Mike
Harrisburg, PA 17109.


16 Responses to “Tuesdays with Dorie – Chocolate Cream Tart”

  1. zaaaaw! congrats!

  2. Congratulations.

    I am so happy for you!

    Did you see next weeks layer cake?

    bwahahahhaha…you have to turn your oven on…giggle.

  3. Congratulations on the engagement! Yay!!! 🙂

  4. I absolutely was in love with this tart too! So creamy and delish. Even better after a day in the fridge MMMMMMMMM

  5. so, you have successfully wooed her with your baked goods, huh? congratulations! i assume you will be making your own wedding cake? 🙂

  6. Congratulations!! 90 degrees sounds great right now. It is cold and damp here and the chocolate tart was perfect for a cold day.

  7. Congrats! You know chocolate cream can be quite cooling when applied to the pulse spots.

  8. How wonderful for you and your bride-to-be! Congratulations! Best wishes! Your dessert looks delish!

  9. Mazel tov! And nice work on the tarts.

  10. First, your tart looks very good!

    Second, Congratulations on the engagement…to both of you! What a lovely announcement.

  11. Well, Congrats Mike and Rachel. Do we all need to get together and bake the wedding cake. Do we just send the components and let you put it all together…..

    And nice looking tart. Wasn’t it worth the heat….

  12. hey bud! congrats on the engagement.. that’s so awesome! – my one-year wedding anniversary was yesterday.. times are swell.. – hope you’re ready for an awesome summer

  13. Well lookie there… Mike and Rachel are engaged. WOOHOO!!! I know it was your baking prowess that won her over and dude we are so glad to have been a part of it 🙂


    Have a deliciously engaging day!!!
    The Repressed Pastry Chef

  14. Engaged!!! Congrats!

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