Inaugural Address

Here are a few thoughts on the inauguration. Some of them were live-blogged on my Twitter, and some are fresh and new.

Based on George HW Bush’s tie choice, I’m fairly certain that he is secretly The Joker.

When I saw Cheney in the wheelchair, I had my suspicions that he was going to pull a Willy Wonka and start backflipping around Obama’s stage.

I watched the inauguration on an antenna TV (may air broadcast rest in peace). The reception was terrible (multicolored and wiggly) and as I watched Yo Yo Ma perform John Williams’ new piece, I felt as if I were watching a concerto on acid. As I saw Obama squiggle his way onto the stage, I couldn’t help but fill with pride that our nation had elected its first green president.

I watched this in the conference room at work over lunch. There were like twenty people in there. Some of the room clapped at the end of Obama’s oath, and again after the speech. One of our psych doctors clapped after some of his favorite points mid-speech.

People also clapped at the end of the following movies I’ve seen in theaters:

I Am Legend
The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Spy Kids 3D
The Eye

I like Obama, and I am hopeful that his presidency will be a turning point for this country in several ways.

Major League Baseball player Wade Boggs’ commentary on our new president makes me chuckle.


3 Responses to “Inaugural Address”

  1. You’re on twitter? w00t. Now I’ll get ugly dude updates all the time. HAHA. CB=IHC. Follow me? (Do I rock the poetry or what?)

  2. i remember being in middle school and seeing Waterworld on opening night.. – as my friend and i shuffled out of the auditorium i’ll never forget this middle-aged guy in the middle of a row with tears rolling down his face.. – dunno.. your mentioning of applause earthed that story from the recesses of my brain.

  3. Man, this was some seriously deep shit. Political scholars will be mining citing the crap out of this account in T minus 20 years.

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