Crazy Larry's Photo Fun Post

Wii Shirt

Wii Shirt

Me smooshed

Me smooshed

Rachel smooshed

Rachel smooshed

Me stretched

Me stretched

Rachel stretched

Rachel stretched

So what is new?  Well, for starters, Rachel and I are moving in together on December 27.  I have a bunch of newer Wii games, and I’m really rediscovering my love for video games.  I’ve been watching Looney Tunes on DVD because I am a toddler.  I got six Jean Claude Van Damme movies at Wal Mart for $13, which is a hell of a value.  Looks like everything is coming up Milhouse for ol’ Mike.

Work is going well, although everything is moving very slowly.  I’d prefer a much faster pace.  The amount of work I put into pasing my tests is the same amount I put into college (not much/any).  Every once in a while my knowledge of the movie “Leprechaun” is put to the test in the middle of a class, but otherwise I’ve discovered that you can do the New York Times Crossword ON THE INTERNET.  Saves me the cost of a newspaper.

It seems like everybody at work has developed their own little cliques, which is kind of depressing.  I’ve never worked anywhere that didn’t seem like one big, happy family, and this seems like a bunch of little groups that barely tolerate each other.  Half of the people even seem miserable.  Maybe that’ll change in time.

My five-year high school reunion was last weekend, and it reminded me how little I enjoyed high school.  I spent the evening with people I currently hang out with frequently, so it wasn’t much of a reunion.  To be fair, I don’t know if people recognized me (since I looked like this in high school).



I had two very good Thanksgiving feasts (my mom’s, Rachel’s mom’s).  Other food-related stuff:  my friend Brad makes a good from-scratch spinach pizza (with pesto sauce).  Just really, really great.

I tried okra tonight for the first time.  I did not know what okra was.  The back of the freezer bag said “Ingredients:  Okra.”  This did not help me very much.  I know that southerners enjoy okra, and I know that southerners also enjoy deliciousness.  They did not fail me with okra.

Forgive this post.  It’s midnight and I am bored.  Did everyone have a good Thanksgiving?  Anything fun coming up?  Is everybody happy with their lives?


4 Responses to “Crazy Larry's Photo Fun Post”

  1. Congrats on the big move. Is it too late to get that great cat you wrote about a few months ago?

  2. You liked okra? It’s always creeped me out with the slimey seeds inside. It’s like if an alien were a vegetable it would be okra. It does taste good though in stews and such. Hot dang.
    How is your knowledge of “Leprechaun” tested?

  3. Kelly – It IS too late to get the cat I wrote about (my sister-in-law has taken it in), but I’ll probably be forced to adapt to a dog at some point.

    Laura – I did like the okra. I threw it in a stir-fry with a bunch of other stuff, though, so I could have just been tasting my oils, spices, etc. I’ll have to give it the bland-around one of these days.

    At work, our instructor likes to break up disability determination lessons with weird “two degrees of separation” things, where we have to connect a random movie to our previous Powerpoint slide in two moves (btw, Jennifer Aniston was in Leprechaun>Brad Pitt (married to Aniston) was in Se7en>There are seven (se7en) vocational factors we have to consider in disability claims.

    Phew. Now let us never speak of this again.

  4. you’ve got to try fried okra.. – Cracker Barrel does it as a side.. – its breaded.. – pretty amazing..

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