Tuesdays With Dorie – Thanksgiving Poo-fer Pie

This week I tried to make Dorie Greenspan’s “Thanksgiving Twofer Pie” (a delightful medley of pumpkin and pecan pies), and I failed miserably.  My mind-brain wasn’t doing well in the first place, but since I like to share the gory details, here is a list of things about my pie.

  • Accidentally made “double crust” instead of “single crust”
  • Food processor jammed for some reason
  • Decided to use the entire double-crust in a single pan, because I AM A GENIUS.
  • I did not refrigerate my dough, so rolling did not work.  Instead, I patted it into my pie plate, nasty-ass fingerprints and all.
  • My filling overflowed.
  • I did not poke my pecans under the filling, leading to (presumably) burnt pecans.
  • Filling remained liquid.
  • Pie tasted good, consistency of baby vomit.

I promise there will be something creative or worthwhile soon.  Until then, have a happy Thanksgiving!


15 Responses to “Tuesdays With Dorie – Thanksgiving Poo-fer Pie”

  1. As always, entertaining, although sort of depressing too – this was one tasty pie. By the way, rolling doesn’t work post-refrigeration (for me) either. I give up and use my standard all-shortening crust. Because I’m a cheater like that.

  2. Um, at least you tried? Next time, freeze half the dough. You can save it for another attempt. Maybe.

  3. HeeheeHoHoHaHa.
    I don’t even know where to start commenting. Let’s start with baby vomit. Do I even want to know why you can compare the taste to a baby’s vomit? I know I am not a rock scientist but I’d say that #2 happened b/c of #1, no? Oh Ugly Dude. You crack me. Tell Pretty Girlfriend, that she’s got a keeper. 😉 Happy (early) Turkey Day!
    Clara @ iheartfood4thought

  4. I can’t believe you used the double crust recipe in one pan. I love pie crust as much as the next person, but that must of been one thick crust. I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you, but at least it tasted good.

  5. So, what exactly does baby vomit taste like?

  6. Well at least it was an adventure! …and one that turned out tasty! (I think). LOL
    Thanks for participating with me this Tuesday and ummm… Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Ha ha ha ha! I can’t stop laughing at your post. (Not at you, with you!) I haven’t tried it yet…thanks for the warning about the double crust! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  8. I think it looks wonderful.

    PS. How do you know what the consistency of baby vomit is????

  9. Love the commentary! Nice job on attempting the pie. Happy Thanksgiving, Dude 🙂

  10. This doesn’t look SO bad, and I know tons of people who love extra crust. Baby vomit, not so much.

  11. Save it for the in-laws.

    Have a great Thanksgiving.

  12. Sounds like you had an interesting time with the pie. I also had an interesting time with the crust. Hope that your Thanksgiving was a good one!

  13. I ended up with charcoal pie, so your freakishly thick-crusted pie looks pretty good to me.

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