Tuesdays With Dorie – Arborio Rice Pudding (Artoo-Detoo Rice Pudding?)



This was a nice, simple recipe.  I wasn’t expecting it.  Whole milk (still sitting around from last week’s Kugelhopf), sugar, vanilla, and rice.  A saucepan, a big-ass spoon, and some cups.  That’s it.  Sorry for plagiarizing the recipe, Dorie.

It’s damn good, though.  Creamy.  For the minimal amount of sugar (1/4 cup for the whole batch), I thought this would be kind of bland, but it’s really just perfect.


I hope everyone is enjoying the more tangential posts I’ve been making recently.  Or at least some of you.  Whether I admitted it at the time or not, I started this food blog as an eating disorder recovery blog.  Now that I’m in a really good place, it’s time to stop defining myself by my shortcomings and start defining myself as the asshole I am.  And that means:  hypocritical/jokey posts about bizarre neighbors, weird comics, and guest posts from Ugly Dude’s girlfriend (Pretty Chick).

Uhhhhhh….this is all to preface the introduction of my new favorite topic.  Star Wars.  Well, it’s really an OLD favorite topic, but new to this blog.  This is a post I had in my “drafts” folder, and I knew I’d never finish it unless I tacked it on to something worthwhile.  It’s called “In defense of ‘The Clone Wars.'”

I grew up enjoying the Star Wars movies.  I rediscovered them and fell in love during the Special Edition releases in 1997.  I collected the action figures, bought the bedsheets, and stood in line for tickets to Episode I.

And then I learned to hate those starred wars in 1999, 2002, and 2005 with the awful prequels.  I didn’t really take offense to the prequels for the common reasons (acting, dialogue, etc).  I hated them for the general feel of the movies.  The original films were total B-movies, whittled from the best of the Flash Gordon serials and old Saturday afternoon matinees.  The focus was on adventure and weird aliens; heroes that dressed in white and villains that dressed in black; rogues, rebels, and robots.  Metal bikinis.  The prequels, on the other hand, were a drama about political uprising.  Stupid, humorless bullshit maneuvering by people wearing huge, space-Victorian costumes.  Even the Jedi sat around in a bureaucracy talking for 80% of their screen time.  Love him or hate him, at least the racist frogman Jar Jar Binks tried to have some fun.

That’s why I love “The Clone Wars” (9pm Fridays on Cartoon Network).  They’ve brought Star Wars back to its serial roots by literally serializing it.  Split about evenly with goofy one-offs and cliff-hanger-ridden miniseries, the show pits the good guys against the bad guys and that’s it.  There’s very little on the show that takes place outside of spaceships, and I’m pretty sure I’ve only heard the word “senator” once or twice.  It’s my favorite thing on television right now, and I’m proud to say that my Fridays revolve around it.

Geek Dude out.

16 Responses to “Tuesdays With Dorie – Arborio Rice Pudding (Artoo-Detoo Rice Pudding?)”

  1. Your pudding looks good! I agree with you about Star Wars. I haven’t had a chance to check out the show on Cartoon Network, but I am very curious about it.

  2. Umm… my boyfriend has threatened a star wars movie marathon multiple times, but I’ve never actually seen a single star wars movie. And I’m an engineer, so there should be some law out there against things like that. On another note, I agree – the pudding was simple and wonderful, but I can always make things sweeter 🙂

  3. Nice work on the pudding. I’ve gotten my son hooked on Star Wars. I consider my parenting done now.

  4. Your rice pudding looks good. Nice and creamy.

    No comment on the Star Wars stuff, I’m not a fan. 😛

  5. Your pudding looks great. I think every boy of a certain age had those sheets!!

  6. My boyfriend and I bonded over our love for all things sci-fi…you won’t scare me off with Star Wars talk!

  7. Really really nice pudding!

  8. Your rice pudding looks great!

  9. Your pudding looks perfect – just as Dorie intended!

  10. your pudding looks great, i think you may need to rename your blog 😉 i love star wars, but haven’t seen the new series. i’ll have to check it out, thanks for the reco!

  11. Nice job on the pudding! BTW, have you seen the Robot Chicken episodes dedicated to Star Wars(a new one just aired last weekend)?…it’s totally hilarious!

  12. PLEASE forever call this R2D2 rice pudding!!!!

    I seriously need to check out this new series. By the way it sounds, it has redeemed itself from the steaming pile of crap the George Lucas and Jar Jar Binks turned it into.

  13. Rachel Bostwick Says:

    My Fridays also revolve around Clone Wars, a bowl of popcorn, and my kids. We actually started watching it because it was before Ben 10, which we love. But we love Star Wars, too.

  14. I was looking for Action Figure related articles, this was helpful – bookmarked your site!

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