Twin Wieners

My girlfriend Rachel made a sandwich today called a Hot Dog Sandwich.  DO YOU KNOW WHAT GOES INTO A HOT DOG SANDWICH?

I will leave some space for you to answer this question in your heads.





You are wrong.  In the words of my girlfriend, here’s what’s on it.  I hope you like the recipe.  Rachel will be back@@!@!!!!

  • Two (2) pieces of bread–thick-crusted, plz
  • Two (2) hot dogs (of the wiener variety)
  • Ketchup (liberally)
  • Mustard (conservatively)
  • Banana peppers (independent)
  • Pickled veggies (carrots, cauliflower, red peppers)
  • EVER
  • Four shakes of salt


  1. Put bread on plate.
  2. Put two dogs on bread (vertically, adjacently, perpendicular to the equator).
  3. Spooge on the ketchup.
  4. And then you squeege out some mustard.
  5. And then you get a spoon.
  6. And then you take out some banana peppers from the jar and you spill some of the juice all over.
  7. And then you clean it up.
  8. And then you get them out of the jar and put on however many banana peppers you want on your sandwich.
  9. I don’t care.
  10. Convice Mike to refrigerate the banana peppers after they are open.
  11. Pick out some pickled vegetables from the big jar, making sure to avoid olives.
  12. Put the top piece of bread on.
  13. Realize you forgot the salt.
  14. Salt the top, because it’s gotta be the perfect storm.
  15. Eat it, dummy.

This sandwich is best complimented by a Sangria and three pink-flavored TUMS.




3 Responses to “Twin Wieners”

  1. “Spooge on the ketchup.” This phrase made me laugh for, like, a full 60 seconds. 🙂

  2. Your post made me feel naughty. I am such a bad girl. With bad thoughts. But then I went with the smarta$$ answer and said “Hot dogs, duh?” outloud and my hubs was like “excuse me?” HAHA. I totally agree. No olives. EVER.

  3. You have a delicious blog, and it inspires me to do some cookin’.

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